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In addition to being a full-time teacher, I am also a doctoral student and educational consultant/content creator. Below is a quick description of my ongoing projects as well as links if you're curious to learn more about what I'm up to. Just click the images below.

Literary Literacies & Multimodality

Dissertation Research

My dissertation research examines the intersection between literary literacies and multimodal literacies. I hope to understand how students' use of multimodal tools influences their ability to interpret literature and, more broadly, begin to explore how to reconcile English Language Art's monomodal past and multiliterate future.


Learning That Transfers

Curriculum & Instructional Design Book

Learning that Transfers is a best-selling practitioner-facing book meant to support the creation of concept-driven curricula and evidenced-based instruction. Our goal is to empower teachers and curriculum designers alike to harness the critical concepts of traditional disciplines while building students’ capacity to navigate, interpret, and transfer their learning to solve novel and complex modern problems. 


Conceptually Speaking


Conceptually Speaking is all about helping educators and students become better sensemakers, innovators, and designers of meaning. Each week, I interview experts to uncover the concepts and patterns that help us understand our world. Whether chatting with academics, YouTubers, educational leaders, or scientists, each episode is an invitation to slow down and grapple with some of education's most meaningful questions.


Journal of Learning Design & Leadership

Graduate Journal

The Journal of Learning Design and Leadership (JLDL) is an open access, informal peer-reviewed, multimodal publication. It publishes pre-print articles multiple times a year online within CGScholar and IDEALS. The Journal of Learning Design and Leadership seeks to publish thoughtful, well-researched pre-print literature reviews that engage contemporary education innovations, issues, and opportunities. 

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