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Interested In Working With Me?

In addition to having over a decade of experience in the classroom, I've also partnered with public, private, and independent schools around the world to support curriculum design and instructional planning. My work as a professional learning facilitator has earned me invitations to present at national conferences like NCTE,  host webinars for organizations like California State University's Expository Reading and Writing Curriculum, and be a featured presenter for district events like Alberta's Literacy Institute. I'm available for targeted hour-long Zoom workshops or more extended and collaborative partnerships. Below are some of my mainline offerings, but I'm happy to customize my services in any way that can best meet your needs.

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Workshop Topics

Literary Analysis

Looking to upgrade your students' interpretive skills? This session synthesizes and scaffolds the latest research on disciplinary literacy to provide examples and resources that will take your literary analysis teaching to the next level.

Multimodal Composition

Want to provide students with more authentic and creative ways to represent and communicate their ideas? This session provides examples and resources that support multimodal teaching and learning.

Critical Media Literacy

Trying to meaningfully integrate critical media literacies into your curriculum? This session introduces the framework from my article in NCTE's Special Issue on CML to help teachers foster student  critical media literacies

Thematic Unit Design

Are you hoping to design more engaging and meaningful units? This session provides a framework, examples, and implementation strategies for designing compelling thematic units built around rich multimodal text sets

Project Based Learning

Curious about how project based learning can look in ELA and/or Humanities  classrooms? This session provides a flexible, accessible approach for scaffolding, planning, and implementing PBL.

Writing Transfer

Do your students struggle to apply writing skills beyond the first mini-lesson? This session details an instructional approach that leverages the latest cognitive science and writing research to improve learning transfer.

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